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Start answering this question with a story

A story that is;




Aware of the audience and setting


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Embracing the ing

More specifically I am leery when someone says they have learned something.

This is one of the (many) things that 12 step programs got right. No one is a recovered alcoholic they are forever a recovering alcoholic.

Scripture talks about “Being transformed into his likeness with ever increasing glory.” We are being transformed. It is a process and that is okay.

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Our True Identity

We experience a daily barrage of people and events that try to define us. Some identities we like and some we don’t but either way you are more than those identities.

We must steadfastly and doggedly reject other identities.

We must relentlessly remind each other of our true identity as God’s beloved.

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Somebody needs you tomorrow

There are days I want to quit Young Life, but those days have been rare in almost 10 years on staff. Inevitably these times come out of being overwhelmed with the brokenness kids deal with. It never takes more than a day to realize that ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. I don’t want […]

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Two ways to paint a room

The first thing my mom does when she paints a room is puts paint on the wall. She doesn’t tape edges or move furniture or lay down tarp. She just starts painting. It may take two days to get the whole room done but you see progress immediately. My mother-in-law doesn’t put paint on the […]

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Learning Level

Educators work with students based on learning levels. I am going to butcher these numbers but my understanding is that when a child is learning to read they should be choosing books that they can read 85%-93% of the words on a page. Anything below 85% is frustration level. They aren’t really learning anything when […]

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Trying to make life work

There is a story of a woman in the bible who had been bleeding for twelve years. She had been to every doctor in town and spent all that she had but instead of getting better she got worse. Who could blame her for going to every doctor in town to try to get better? […]

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Return on Investment

When I was growing up I taped this quote above my bed so I would see it everyday when I woke up in hopes that it would motivate me to work hard that day: When I was first on Young Life staff and was riddled with anxiety about my ‘success’ as a staff person I […]

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