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Doing right things.

Against all odds Butler Basketball made the NCAA finals in 2010 and came within inches of a national title. A couple of players graduated and one left early for the NBA. The next year they were struggling in conference play, barely above five hundred. They lost a mid week game in February to Youngstown State, […]

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Talking about things that matter

Young Life used to be the most entertaining thing in town. There was literally nothing you could do that could entertain you more than a Young Life club. I don’t think this is true anymore. Kids have access to all the entertainment they could handle. ¬†We can’t compete with the world’s ability to entertain kids […]

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You are worth it

One of the messages that Young Life leaders communicate to kids is that they are worth it. They don’t ever hear us say it but our lives say it in a variety of ways. You are worth going to your game straight from work. You are worth staying up all night preparing a talk. You […]

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Mary Kriebel is one of my favorite people. There is nothing particularly special about her, but she is faithful to what God has for her. She is a chiropractor, a mother of three and she wants kids to know that they were created for something. I have been working with her and a group of […]

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