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I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief

There is a father who brought his ailing son to Jesus and said, “If you can do anything please help us and heal my son.” Jesus replies and says “Everything is possible for those who believe” And then the man responds with a response that echoes my feelings exactly “I do believe, help me overcome […]

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Commitment and the questions we ask

I used to coach high school basketball outside of Indianapolis. There are a number of good private schools in the area where I coached. To be honest this changed how we coached and changed the mindset of many players and their parents. If players were unhappy for whatever reason there was always a possibility that […]

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More thoughts on Identity

In January I will complete my Masters in Theology through Fuller Seminary and have been transformed by the experience in countless ways over the last ten years. As these things go the lesson that has stuck with me the most was an endearing moment when our ethics professor went off topic. While tearing up he […]

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Thoughts on Relationships

Relationship Advice: It is odd to be blogging relationship advice because I got very lucky. I met Annie, who is near perfect, and somehow she liked me and I followed her lead and 6 months later we were engaged. I am not sure that I did many things right but I did do these three […]

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Two of my heroes have no idea that they are heroes of mine. One is a retired elementary school gym teacher. The other teaches drivers ed. (His story will come later) They are two of my mom’s brothers. My maternal grandparents are aging rapidly. They are 97 and 93 (I think) and they live by […]

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When my brother Scott was a little kid he used to have near panic attacks in fear that when he gets older that he will smoke and he didn’t want to smoke. This was absurd. It was an irrational fear of course because if he didn’t want to smoke when he was older than he […]

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