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Five elements for effective meetings

Many people have taken their shot at this, but this is what I was thinking today about what makes a good meeting. Always ask yourself “What can uniquely be accomplished by us being together?” Don’t allow anything on the agenda that can be accomplished another way. Five elements of a good meeting: Engage your hands: […]

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Remedy must match the diagnosis

According to Mrs Linn at the Oaks Academy there are three reasons why kids don’t do what they are asked to do. Ignorance: they don’t actually know how to do what they were asked to do. Remedy: Information or education. Weakness: they know what they are supposed to do but they just can’t get themselves to […]

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Believe in me

Do you perform better or worse when people around you show you that they believe in you? Do you want the people around you to perform their best in their chosen endeavor? Do you communicate, with sincerity, to the people around you that you believe in them? What do you need to do differently to […]

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Heartbreak v Disappointment

*Heartbroken for someone is a fair emotion. Disappointed in someone is not a fair emotion.   Heartbroken for someone is primarily concerned with the other. Disappointed in someone is primarily concerned with self. People can feel the difference. It is appropriate for us to care enough about people to be heartbroken over them living outside […]

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genuine |ˈjenyo͞oin| truly what something is said to be; authentic:   One of the best parts of my current role in Young Life is that I get to work with folks in small towns, suburbs and urban settings. I get to work with high school students, college students, parents, administrators, CEO’s, YL staff. I get […]

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Who you are not what you know

I was a social work major in college and most of my professors were burned out former therapists who were capping off their careers in the classroom. After Dr Schneider used the last hour of my last class plugging his electric guitar into his amp and playing cover songs for us he said, “Here’s the […]

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