Some things I have learned along the way (mostly from Annie) that serve us well as YL staff but more importantly as people.

Take Notes:
All meetings. Anytime there is a speaker of any sort. This keeps us engaged and the people
around us (leaders, kids, colleagues) follow our lead. Then follow up with the notes you took. This gives confidence to the people across from you that you are taking this seriously.

Bring a Gift:
When you go to someone’s house for dinner or to a party always ask what you can bring. If they say “don’t bring anything” then bring a gift. Some ideas: Bottle of wine, flowers, candle.

Write Notes:
Write a thank you note for everything. Every gift. Every meal. Every time someone hosts you.

Return it better than you found it:
If someone loans you anything return it better than you found it. Fill their car with gas, restock their refrigerator, clean their tool….

Pay for meals:
If you initiate the meal you pay for the meal— even if your guest tries to pay.

Go to Funerals:
If you know someone who passed away go to the funeral or visitation. If you know someone who lost someone close to them go to the funeral or visitation to support them. Send flowers or make a donations to the organization they choose.

What else would you add?

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