Boredom and Burnout.

We lose more good people to boredom than we do to burnout.


We lose our potentially highest achievers to boredom not burnout.


We need to give space and new challenges to our best people.


People don’t tell you that they are going to leave because they are restless. They simply leave for something that will challenge them.


If we wait until someone can wake up and do the job without their heart racing a little bit before we put something new in front of them it is too late.


This is why good leadership is customized. We must always ask people to one step beyond what they think they are capable of. Universalized expectations too often don’t ask enough of our highest achievers (boredom) and ask too much of our unstable members (burnout).


We (especially in the world of ministry/non profits) must stop treating everyone as if burnout is the only threat. We must customize our expectations.



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