Challenge. Will you accept it?

  1. Take one item from your to do list that you were going to do today and don’t do it. This could even be a meeting that you cancel. Don’t replace it with anything. Go home earlier or take a walk or read Prove to yourself that your productivity does not define you. If you are worried that someone will be upset than this exercise is crucial remind you that you are not held captive to how other people think you should spend your time.
  2. Take one item that has been on your to do list that has been lingering over you and set a timer for 15 minutes. At the end of that 15 minutes complete this task. If this means you have to do “C” quality work rather than “A” quality work so be it. This item has robbed you of emotional energy that you need for more important things.
  3. Take one item on your to do list that is a good idea but does not need to be done immediately and move it from your to do list to your calendar for some arbitrary date in the future. Seeing this on your list every day haunts you— get it out of your sight and remove it of its power.
  4. Take one thing on your to do list and remove it. It was a good idea when you put it there but the fact that you haven’t gotten to it yet is evidence that it isn’t essential.
  5. Take one thing on your list that someone else should be doing and ask them to do it.
  6. Take this list and put it in a calendar reminder to pop up one month from now and do it again.
I guarantee that if you do these 5 things you will be more alive. I guarantee that if you do these 5 things you will be more effective.
More effective leadership does not mean doing more things. In fact it often means doing fewer things.
Who is with me?
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