A new chart on health and work

Below are 11 ideas on how to be healthy in doing ministry. I have a feeling the same principles are true for health and work in any field.

  1. Chart Below (Growth requires time plus intentional effort)
  2. Counseling
  3. Committee or Local Adults who are care about you. You can’t be in this alone.
  4. Clear lines at home and at work
  5. Careful of “Everybody thinks… or says…” Who really said it? Did they actually say it or are you projecting it?
  6. Busyness is not the opposite of healthy
  7. Year long rhythm not a week to week rhythm
  8. Reject the lie of an elusive arrival point of health or of work/life balance
  9. Practice Gratitude
  10. You are responsible for your own personal health. Don’t give anyone or anything the power to control whether you are healthy or not
  11. Turn your email off on your phone as soon as you enter the house




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