We are moving to Chicago!

To the people of Central Indiana,


We are moving to Chicago to be the Regional Director because God has called us and we are responding to that call with enthusiasm and confidence.


Annie and I have always tried to make decisions based on how can make the greatest impact on God’s Kingdom. I could spend hours telling you reasons for us to stay and reasons for us to go, but this is a decision based on obedience to God’s call.  This has been a painfully hard decision to make not because we lacked clarity but because of how much we love you all and this place. This is the hardest thing we have ever done, which is a statement about how blessed our life has been.


You all have all been incredibly gracious and generous towards us for 12 years. You have met material needs, spiritual needs, emotional needs and most importantly have been incredible friends and partners in the Gospel.


I wish I could publicly thank each of you for what you have meant to us over the last 12 years.


Jack and Linda–

I have learned what it means to be a husband, a father, a leader and a follower of Christ because of our relationship. You two are the hardest thing to leave and you are also the reason we are prepared for this new challenge.


Young Life Staff–

You are incredible. You have invited us into your lives and we consider that a huge privilege. We have learned so much you from you. I don’t know any group of people who has bigger and more pure hearts than you do. The Lord has shaped you and equipped you to make a huge impact in your communities. Keep living into that calling.


Young Life Kids–

You have invited us into your lives and that has been the greatest joy of our time here. The Lord loves you just as you are and there is nothing we want for you to know more than that.  We love you too and we would do anything for you.


The Oaks Academy–

Your vision is beautiful and I can’t think of any organization that lives out their vision more closely than you do. You have impacted our family and you too are hard to leave.



You have shaped us. You have loved us for who we are. We trust that our friendship can stand the test of 185 miles up I-65 and we better not see pictures of you in Chicago without getting a hold of us!


Indianapolis, you have our heart. We love you and we always will.


Jon, Annie, Kylie, Nick, Raelyn, Lucy





To the people of Chicagoland,


You have a lot to learn about me and we will get to that in time but for now I can make these commitments to you with complete confidence;

  • I will care more about you than your performance.
  • We will learn together.
  • I am in this with you.


We have loved our life and our ministry in Indianapolis for the last 12 years. The Lord has clearly called us to to Chicago and we are enthusiastically and confidently responding to His call. The occasion now summons us to fall in love with you the way we did the people of Indianapolis. I can’t wait to get started.


We promise to lead with faithfulness, integrity, and bravery.


Jon, Annie, Kylie, Nick, Raelyn, Lucy




We will move to Oak Park (Near West suburb)
as soon as we find the right place. We will be at Castaway (YL Camp) until August 12th and return briefly to Indy before making the move. I officially start in this new role August 1st.


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