2 Keys to leading any organization

I was recently put on the spot and asked, “What do you need to know when leading an organization.”   Given more time to think through the question I would answer the same way. This was my answer.

Change is constant.  The quicker we stop chasing some elusive arrival point the more we will be prepared to lead. We must embrace that people change, circumstances change, personnel changes. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. We waste a lot of emotional capital chasing a mirage; believing that at some point everything will be set in the right structure, with the right people, doing the right projects.

Individualize people development. No two people need the same thing at the same time from us. We must continually ask ourselves what does ______ need from me right now? Then we must act on that. People are the most important asset of any organization and to pretend any two people need the same thing from you is lazy and ineffective. What people need from you changes constantly so you must be continually diagnosing what people need from you and then working to provide that.



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