Adventurers get hurt sometimes.

Annie has been the leader in adventuring in our family and has always worked to develop a sense of adventure rather than fear with our kids. Somewhere along the line we started telling our kids, “adventurers get hurt sometimes,” whenever they would come to us complaining of an injury. It has become a mantra in our house.

Adventurers get hurt sometimes. So does anyone who does anything that matters.














Leaders’ injuries come i the form of disappointing people, offending some, failure to reach the lofty goal you aspired to, rejection.

Take some chances.

Plan to get hurt.

Give it your best shot.

Move on if it doesn’t work.

Celebrate when it does.

Peter was in the boat when Jesus came walking on water. Peter said to Jesus, “If it is you tell me to come walk on water.” Jesus told him to come and Peter did. Peter walked on water. It is true that after a few steps Peter got scared and began to sink, but because Peter had the courage to take a chance he walked on water. 

What adventure do you need to take?

  • Do you need to go to some places in conversations with those you lead or those you love that you have been scared to go but you know could set them free?
  • Do you need to take some chances socially? Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people or try new things?
  • Maybe you or your organization needs to take some chances financially that could take you to another level.
  • Try that idea that you have been playing with that could flop or could flourish.

Ten years ago Gail Ebersole told me that I would have a hard time being an Area Director in Young Life because I, “wouldn’t do well when I disappoint people.”  She was right. Eventually I learned that in order to do things that matter I would have to understand that adventurers get hurt sometimes.

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