Archive | February, 2015

The need for candid relationships

We hit a point in our lives when we are disciplined enough and competent enough that if we can identify a need in our personal or professional development we can remedy the problem. At this point we need help identifying the problem. To go to the next level we need someone outside of ourselves to name […]

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2 Keys to leading any organization

I was recently put on the spot and asked, “What do you need to know when leading an organization.”   Given more time to think through the question I would answer the same way. This was my answer. Change is constant.  The quicker we stop chasing some elusive arrival point the more we will be […]

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Adventurers get hurt sometimes.

Annie has been the leader in adventuring in our family and has always worked to develop a sense of adventure rather than fear with our kids. Somewhere along the line we started telling our kids, “adventurers get hurt sometimes,” whenever they would come to us complaining of an injury. It has become a mantra in […]

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