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I sobbed two weeks ago.

I sobbed two weeks ago, when I went to John Craig’s funeral. One year ago I wrote about how I met John and Maetta Craig and where that meeting eventually led. I sobbed at the reality of sweet and mighty Maetta losing a second husband to cancer. I sobbed when telling Annie this story that […]

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Young Life’s Heartbeat

The vast majority of mentoring programs or discipleship program focus their attention to the right of the threshold line. Most programs ask kids or people to opt in, which inherently means they have a desire to succeed. The number of people willing to ‘mentor’ or ‘disciple’ kids increases exponentially as you move to the right. […]

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A place of privilege. 

I am in a position of privilege in many way. One is that I have a job that I love, that offers meaning, purpose, value, significance every day. I am guilty of taking this privilege for granted at times, though this rarely lasts long. Pursuing a dream job that allows us to make a living […]

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The problem with books and blogs

The problem with blogs and books is that wisdom is customized and rarely universalized. In an attempt to scale we try to universalize things but in reality certain people need certain wisdom in certain situations. Blogs and books aren’t able to listen or feel. When we know people we know the defaults that they revert to, […]

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