Egypt: Final Post

The trip is complete and I am thrilled to be home but I am exceedingly grateful that I had this opportunity.

Lasting memory: The people.

The Egyptian people who hosted us amazingly well. It really was hard to leave the people we worked with at the camp. We worked together and they hosted us as traveled. At the end I felt like a high school kid who didn’t want to think about the fact that I probably won’t ever see them again!

The 5 other people I traveled with. Serving together and traveling together brings you together. You become endeared to each other. You see new layers of people then you do when you only get them in small doses. I will forever have had this unique experience with our hodge podge group of Ethan, Blake, Julian, Tom and Sam.

I can’t believe I am really here moments: 

The Pyramids.

Boat ride on the Nile.

Seafood on the Mediterranean

Playing Frisbee on the beach and Swimming in the Red Sea.

It was fascinating to be in a country that measures history in millennium rather than centuries.

Most interesting site seeing: Cave church and Garbage Village.

I don’t even know how to describe these two incredible places so I will give you two links instead. Fascinating.

Impression of Egypt:

The people are awesome and are very gracious and loving.

I appreciate the cleanliness and infrastructure of America.

We felt totally safe at all times. This may have been helped by the fact that we were never without Egyptian hosts- but I am not we wouldn’t have felt that way even without that.

I will forever be more interested in Egypt because I have been there. I wonder what else this could be true of in my life. As soon as we get to know a person we care more about them forever. When you travel to another country you care more about that country. When see a band play live you feel more invested. I wish I had the ability to care before experiencing but the reality is that how much I (we) care is based largely on how much experience with the thing we are asked to care about.


Was the trip worth it? Would I do it again (even 12 days after Lucy was born)? Resounding Yes!

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