Egypt Part 2

I have quickly grown to admire this ministry we are serving with. 

A few things I admire:

The Staff. 

They are all volunteers and the are full of Joy and unconditional love for kids.

Frankly the kids are somewhat difficult. I have worked with high school kids for many years but I have to admit that it has been challenging at times to work with these 10-12 year old kids but the staff does a great job of loving them.


The objective or agenda.

There is a commitment to loving and serving the kids and their families. The ministry respects their culture and their religion. I would not have been comfortable if we were asked to tell 10-12 year old kids about Jesus when their parents have entrusted their kids to us under the assumption we were going to teach them character.


Developing the future leaders of the country to be people of character and integrity is a worthwhile objective.


Building bridges of trust and respect between Christians and Muslims in Egypt is also a worthwhile objective.


The Leadership

I was drawn to Maged the first time I met him in Indianapolis. As I understand it this camp and this ministry has largely been Maged’s vision. He and his wife Kashka are driven passionate people with a great spirit about them. They have done a great job of mentoring and providing leadership opportunities while they work to expand impact throughout the middle east.

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