I am going to Egypt… On Wednesday!

Egypt8 weeks ago while talking with a good friend of mine who is involved with YL in Indy about my dad being a tennis coach he said,

“Your dad should go with me to Egypt this summer to coach tennis with me at a camp.”

I replied, “My dad would never go but I will.” 

I can’t believe I said it.

I really can’t believe it is happening.

If you asked me what three things I love the most (besides my family) I would say;

  • Christ
  • Kids
  • Sports

So this is a good fit.

We will spend 6 days working at a sports camp for 10-12 year old kids. I will be coaching basketball alongside Julian Dorsey and Ethan Jackson who are high school students from Indy. We will also do some sightseeing (Pyramids, Alexandria, Cave Church tour, Red Sea etc)

100% of the kids who attend the camp the week that we are working will be Muslim. The camp is run by a Christian Ministry but will be teaching character lessons to the campers the week that we are there out of respect for their upbringing and beliefs. (www.kidsgamescamp.com). I am intrigued to see what Christian ministry looks like in this setting. Our role will simply be to coach our sports and help run the camp. There are counselors who work at the camp all summer who will lead the content portions of the camp.

 I have never left the country and I am not exactly easing into international travel by going to Cancun. 

After completing my degree Annie and I agreed that the next priority for me was to spend time outside of our country.I have spent nearly my whole life as a part of the majority culture. The rare exceptions have been for an hour or two at a time with the knowledge that within minutes I will go back to being in my comfortable position as a middle class white male and part of majority culture. This reality has been increasingly troublesome to me and I am being intentional about broadening my experience. For example I made the commitment this year that I would not read two consecutive books by white male authors, which has been a valuable step. I am confident spending 12 days in a new culture will be even more valuable. I am confident that the Lord will reveal things in me during this time that will change me. I had no idea that this opportunity would come about only months after completing my degree.

The team of people going will be Blake and Ethan Jackson, Sam Stewart, Julian Dorsey, Tom Peck and I.

The three things I am praying for our trip;

  • That we would embody John 13 that says “They will know we are followers of Christ by the way we love one another.”
  • That we would have the eyes and heart of Christ to see that all people are created in God’s image, all people are fearfully and wonderfully made by the God of the Universe.
  • That I would be attentive to what the Lord is doing in me.

For those of you who are thinking; didn’t you just have a baby? Yes we did and yes Annie is the one pushing this trip as much as I am. Annie is a uniquely supportive and independent person. Read here for proof.

I will do my best to continue to blog about our trip while in Egypt!

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