Ode to Annie

1499596_10152221815173784_927355385_nAnnie was a 4.0 student in high school, she was ambitious, personable, driven— all the things we know her to be now as well.

Annie’s high school guidance counselor was disappointed when she told him that all she cared about in her future was being a mom because he had big dreams for what she could do to change the world.

Annie has done a lot to make the world a better place. She has been a wildly effective Area Director for Young Life, a fitness instructor, the best Young Life Regional Trainer in the country.

She is professionally accomplished to be sure.

But to this day she remains most passionate about being a mom and through this she is changing the world. 

Tomorrow Annie will give birth to our fourth child and I am exceedingly grateful for Annie being the mom that she is.

Even while pregnant Annie is the stabilizing force in our family. I whine to Annie about any number of things but she never whines to me. I am more emotionally unstable than I like to admit but Annie never is. Of course it would be fine if this wasn’t true but I sure appreciate this.

Every one that I know is drawn to Annie.

She is self confident but not arrogant.

She is assertive but not pushy.

She doesn’t take life too seriously but works hard to make it a better place.

She is an amazing mom but never to the neglect of me or her friends.

All of this flows out of her deep understanding that she was uniquely created by God and that her primary identity is as God’s beloved. We would all do well to be a little more like Annie and I am convinced this begins with this deep understanding of how God looks at each of us. 


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