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I am going to Egypt… On Wednesday!

8 weeks ago while talking with a good friend of mine who is involved with YL in Indy about my dad being a tennis coach he said, “Your dad should go with me to Egypt this summer to coach tennis with me at a camp.” I replied, “My dad would never go but I will.”  […]

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Indianapolis Vida Joven!

“The message of Pentecost is you are important to God. Your distinctiveness is valued- God knows you so well that he speaks your language! This is true intimacy, and the foreigners gathered in Jerusalem were stunned that God would choose intimacy with them.” -The Heart of Racial Justice  by Brenda Salter McNeil and Rick Richardson For […]

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Ode to Annie

Annie was a 4.0 student in high school, she was ambitious, personable, driven— all the things we know her to be now as well. Annie’s high school guidance counselor was disappointed when she told him that all she cared about in her future was being a mom because he had big dreams for what she […]

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