Central Indiana Young Life Update

We recently held an All City Young Life club at a Pacers game. The Pacers gave us 600 tickets at a very cheap price and let us use the practice floor for a Young Life club before the game. We used all the tickets and had a wait list.

We hosted some “Adult Guests” who have been a part of YL in Indy for a long time and let them get a glimpse of the work the YL staff and leaders are doing with kids in Indy. At halftime I shared with them this Poster which shares a  bit of where Young Life is and some of our dreams of where it may be headed.

I  tell people that Young Life club is important for a variety of reasons but it is not the most important thing we do. It is simply the easiest one for us to point to and say “that is Young Life.” To me what Young Life really is happens in the seats at the game. Leaders talking with kids. Some of the conversations are profound and many are not but the night embodies “We were delighted to share with you not only the Gospel of God but our lives as well”

One of the leaders also put together this lip dub video for the club.

It is a privilege to be a small part of this.

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