Thoughts on how to invest time.

I don’t like the term time management but how we make decisions about what we invest our time may be the most important decisions we make.

  • The overarching philosophy for the choices we make when investing our professional time is to be increasingly investing time in what we are uniquely created, called, or qualified to do.
  • Periodically (quarterly) make a big picture assessment of what our priorities will be which becomes a value grid to make decisions based on. Equally critical is developing an ability to make an ongoing assessment of what is required of me right now and then acting on that.
  • Our calendar should proactively reflect our chosen values and priorities. (Year Long Planning Document) This is a minimum a half day activity that takes place in a set aside place. (i.e Retreat center, Hotel) The frequency of regularly scheduled meetings are based on the outcomes of this activity.
  • Jenna Perkins says that before becoming a mother she used to come to the office with a certain time frame in mind and then accomplish whatever she got done in that time. Now she comes to the office with a list of things that has to get accomplished. This has created a greater focus and eliminated time wasters.
  • Sarah Wright accomplishes more in a day than anyone I know without ever appearing run down.  She says her dad continually taught two things that shaped her;
    1.  Be Diligent
    2. Expect Unfinished business.
  •  We must learn what necessitates  A+ work and the time investment that comes with that and which tasks a C+ will suffice. Perfectionism limits influence.

Loosely related: I don’t like the term “Work/life balance” If I have to name the topic I prefer “Work/Life Rhythm.” Balance implies that you will arrive at perfection and you will never become unbalanced. Balance is elusive and only causes us frustration to believe that you will arrive at it at some point.

Two other Time Investment resources I like:

The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris



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