Five elements for effective meetings

Many people have taken their shot at this, but this is what I was thinking today about what makes a good meeting.

Always ask yourself “What can uniquely be accomplished by us being together?”

Don’t allow anything on the agenda that can be accomplished another way.

Five elements of a good meeting:

Engage your hands: Workshop or Working session of some sort. Rather than asking people to go home and brainstorm who they want to invite to the upcoming fundraising banquet spend 10 minutes with pens hitting paper. All too often when people leave a meeting with good intentions they aren’t able to follow through on tasks, so embrace this reality and do it while you are together.

Engage your minds: Decision making. We must do the hard work of coming up with decisions that can be made by the whole group. Often times we simply need to cede control and allow the committee to make some decisions we are used to making.

Engage your hearts: Celebrate, Rally, Inspire. An essential element that should be done anytime you have a group of people in the same room. Tell stories of successes and faithfulness and do it in a variety of ways. Resist the temptation of skipping this for the sake of the need to ‘cover more business’

Engage your feet: Leave the committee with 1-3 definable tasks to be done prior to the next meeting. (I have historically been terrible at this) People want this and it only takes a little more effort to come up with this prior to the meeting.

Engage your soul: Refill vision. In the case of a YL committee meeting this means we should open the scripture and set our heart and soul on Christ so that we never lose sight on why we exist.

You don’t have to have all five elements at every meeting but you probably shouldn’t go two months without hitting each one so as to keep different personality types engaged.

This is isn’t perfect but for the time being will be the grid I will use to plan meetings.

What would you add or change?


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