Are you becoming who you want to become?

I met with an old Young Life guy this weekend.

I hadn’t seen him or even been in touch with him for three years.

I was excited to catch up with him but to be candid I didn’t really want to get together with him unless we were going to go somewhere significant in the conversation. So I sent him a text with these questions before meeting;

Are you becoming who you want to become?

  •  If yes than describe who that is
  • If no what would it take?

Now I would add two of my favorite questions;

What commitment are you willing to make?*

What is the price you are willing to pay?*

It would be great if we were all disciplined enough to ask ourselves these questions periodically but most of us are not so we need to be asking these to each other.

My friend didn’t need another person to talk to about the upcoming Colts game, those possibilities are endless.

When we got up to leave he said to me, “Thanks. I don’t have very many people I talk to about things like this.”

* These questions come from a great book called The Answer to How is Yes by Peter Block

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