My Dilemma



My dilemma:

1. Central Indiana YL is growing rapidly and the possibilities for growth in Rural, Urban and Suburban ministries are popping up faster than even my wildest dreams.

2. I need to raise more money than I ever have before.

3. In order to accomplish #1 I need to spend less time on #2.

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I am setting out to raise $150,000 this fiscal year (Oct 1st- Sept 30th) 

3 Years ago this week Annie and I took a huge risk.

I left a YL area and job that I loved and felt very comfortable with.

I believed that if I changed my focus we (Central Indiana YL) could:

  • Increase the number of kids being impacted,
  • Improve the quality of ministry
  • More closely represent the demographics of our geography

We are responsible for raising 100% of the budget. I didn’t do a feasibility study before I started this job but for three years because of the generosity of so many we have met our budget. 

In those three years we have:

  • More than doubled the number of kids from Central Indiana to YL and WL camp (1035 in 2013)
  • More than doubled the number of staff in Central Indiana thereby increasing the quality of ministry. The last 8 hires have been people leaving another career. There are now 16 Full Time staff and 4 part time staff in Central Indiana. It is impossible to quantify the quality of these incredible 20 people.
  • There is more small town, urban and suburban ministry happening. Including ministries focused on teen moms and kids with special needs.

In my ten years on Young Life staff I have never experienced a time that is more ripe for quality growth.

This all feels a little vulnerable to me but I am so convinced of what is in store for kids and families in Central Indiana that I can’t help but invite you in.

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