Doing Right Things (YL Staff Job Description)

I make a lot of attempts at describing the job of a YL Staff person.

Here is my latest;

Do right things day after day…

 1. Be contagiously fully alive. 

Do whatever it takes for you to be healthy spiritually, physically, emotionally                                                                          so that you will be contagiously fully alive

2. Be present. 

Be where kids are. Be with leaders. Be with adults. Be with committee members.  Be present in the community. Over coffee tables. At the schools. In agendaless meetings. In meetings with agendas. With people that are connected to YL and with people that aren’t. Be everywhere in your town.

3. Be courageous. 

Honestly ask yourself what is needed in each situation and muster the courage to act on it. What does this person need from me right now? Be willing to go one step beyond your comfort zone. Reach out to someone new even if it is scary. Go somewhere in a conversation that needs to be had– even if it is hard.

4. Pursue. 

Don’t only interact with people who already cross your path. You will be the pursuer in most relationships you are in. With kids. With leaders. With  adults.

“We are a ministry of pursuit” -Jenna Perkins

…and results will be a byproduct


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