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“I want to go with you.”

Annie is my hero for endless reasons. She has always said that God’s principal message to humanity is, “I want to go with you.” Annie embodies this message better than anyone I know. This week has been a heavy week for Young Life in Indianapolis. A freshman student who was involved with Young Life at […]

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genuine |ˈjenyo͞oin| truly what something is said to be; authentic:   One of the best parts of my current role in Young Life is that I get to work with folks in small towns, suburbs and urban settings. I get to work with high school students, college students, parents, administrators, CEO’s, YL staff. I get […]

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When my brother Scott was a little kid he used to have near panic attacks in fear that when he gets older that he will smoke and he didn’t want to smoke. This was absurd. It was an irrational fear of course because if he didn’t want to smoke when he was older than he […]

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