It is common and perhaps trite to say “I have no regrets.”

The truth is that I do have regrets.

Due to the messed up ways of the world I was relatively popular in high school. If you are a good athlete you are popular and I was a decent enough athlete to be relatively popular.

I now realize that I could have used this power to have more of a positive influence than I did at the time.

I work with high schoolers in Young Life now and I am often heart broken about the scars that people have from being mistreated while in high school that I could have helped prevent.

I may not have caused the scars but I could have prevented them.

If I could do it again I would stand up for people who didn’t have the confidence to stand up for themselves.

I would befriend those who needed a friend.

I wouldn’t simply avoid bullying* myself I would also defend and befriend those who are being bullied.

I had enough confidence that I could have not only treated people well but proactively fought injustices.

I had the confidence but lacked the awareness and the courage. 

I can’t do it again.

I can start today.

I can stand up for those who are being mistreated.

I can befriend those who need a friend.

I can proactivley fight injustices big and small.

I no longer lack awareness but I am still seeking the courage most days.


Here is a moving video about bullying

*Bullying needs a wider definition than we typically give it. Bullying is not reserved for high schools and is not limited to newsworthy events. Bullying happens anytime power is misused.

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