Regrets Part 2


I was the king of the 4 assist and one turnover game.

I ended my high school basketball career having never taken a bad shot.

These statistics are a coaches dream.

 If I could do it over again I would shoot more. 

I would take more chances and maybe had a few games with 12 assists and 3 turnovers.

I wrote yesterday about my biggest high school regret. This is my second and I think it is related.

I am cautious by nature. This has served me well in a lot of ways but it has also limited how God can use me.

I don’t play basketball anymore but I want to take more chances.

 I want to take more chances relationally, financially,  professionally. 

 I want to dream about possibilities and act on them. 

I want to think more about what could happen and less about what people will think if it doesn’t really work.

There is a story in the bible where Jesus came walking on the water to a group of guys in a boat and told Peter to come out and walk on the water with him. Peter did. Almost immediately he got scared and had to call out to Jesus to save him.

But for a moment he walked on water.

When Jesus says come I want to go.

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