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Reading keeps you sharp. Reading exposes you to new ideas and paradigms. Reading helps you to become all that you are capable of becoming. Reading gives you mentors in any area of life that you need. Reading doesn’t allow you to be a victim. You can learn anything you need to learn.   I have […]

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Regrets Part 2

I was the king of the 4 assist and one turnover game. I ended my high school basketball career having never taken a bad shot. These statistics are a coaches dream.  If I could do it over again I would shoot more.  I would take more chances and maybe had a few games with 12 […]

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It is common and perhaps trite to say “I have no regrets.” The truth is that I do have regrets. Due to the messed up ways of the world I was relatively popular in high school. If you are a good athlete you are popular and I was a decent enough athlete to be relatively […]

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Who you are not what you know

I was a social work major in college and most of my professors were burned out former therapists who were capping off their careers in the classroom. After Dr Schneider used the last hour of my last class plugging his electric guitar into his amp and playing cover songs for us he said, “Here’s the […]

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Words Matter Part 2

Words matter. Feedback fits with Partner and implies aligned desires/goals Evaluation fits with Boss and implies misaligned desires/goals feedback |ˈfēdˌbak| 1 information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement. evaluation |iˌvalyo͞oˈāSHən| the making of a judgment about the amount, number, or value of something; […]

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