Thoughts on Strategic Plans

A few thoughts on strategic plans:

  • Strategic plans are detrimental if they become an elusive arrival point. Organizations and plans should be dynamic. Strategic plans must allow for a change of course without it feeling like a failure. 
  •  Strategic plans are detrimental if they don’t acknowledge that to prioritize something inherently something else must drop in priority. Strategic plans must include tradeoffs. 
  • Strategic plans don’t have value if your schedule is not reflective of the plan. Your calendar communicates your values. 
  • We should measure whether we did the right things rather than whether we accomplished what we set out to accomplish. (Doing Right Things). Be sure your plan allows for this rather than measuring results.
  • At times strategic plans are a facade for actually doing the important work that you set out to do. Just go get it done.  
  • The longest period of time you should live out of the same priorities is 6 months. Even better is to reevaluate quarterly what you will focus on.
  • If used to make both day to day and long term decisions in where you will invest your time or money strategic plans are remarkably valuable. (Too often they are not)

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