Make a Decision

A few years ago Annie and I made a decision to start talking to each other in a nicer way. We had never lost our temper with each other but we realized that we had fallen into responding poorly to each other at times. There was an edge to our voices. This was not who we set out to be and we knew it. So we talked about it and made the decision to change. For the last six years we have talked nicely to each other. We address things that need to be addressed but we work hard to do it in a helpful tone and with respectful words.

Change is not always that easy.

Change usually involves process (Embrace the ing)

Positive change always starts with making a decision. 

We fall into sin. We choose to be holy.

We fall into laziness. We choose to exercise.

We fall into poor eating habits. We make a decision to eat healthy.

We fall into treating people poorly. We make a decision to treat people well.

We fall into bad habits. We choose good habits.

For a long time I have struggled with anxiety. At some point a couple of years ago this reached its peak. I kept telling myself to just make a decision to think differently, to feel different. Change was not that easy. It felt completely out of my control. I could not simply choose this. But I refused to sit back and let it happen. I made the decision to begin seeing a counselor. I was high functioning and high performing in my job, but I was not the person I wanted to be. (I will write more about this another time) Counseling was significant for me. Even when I felt out of control there was still a decision I could make.

Change is not always easy but the kind of change you want to make always starts with making a decision.

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