“Everything is going to be okay.”

This is not a sports post. It is your job to translate this to your field.

Seth Davis of CBS sports tweeted these two tweets following Butler’s upset win over North Carolina last night (I don’t consider the win an upset precisely because Stevens is a far superior coach to Roy Williams)

“Brad Stevens could very well be the best coach in college basketball.”

“Thing I like best about Brad Stevens is his demeanor. I appreciate passion but too many coaches are out of control on the sidelines.”

Great leaders make you feel like, “Everything is going to be okay” merely by their presence. 

They don’t abdicate their responsibility of making people live into their full potential. They acknowledge and address realities that need to be addressed but… very rarely are people unaware of these realities. They need to know everything is going to be okay and they need real help in figuring out how to make changes. They don’t need someone to point out their deficiencies and then leave them there.

I hate watching coaches scream at their team to “STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER”

I want to scream at these coaches “They already know that! Tell them something helpful”

John Wooden is generally considered the best college basketball coach of all time. Many coaches set statistical goals for their team but rarely do they set a goal of a minimum number of turnovers. John Wooden did. He wanted his players to play free and aggressive and he knew if they were playing in fear of making a mistake they could never play up to their full potential.

When Butler basketball players look to the sideline they get the sense that everything is going to be okay. Brad Stevens doesn’t lack passion and his players know it. He doesn’t need to prove it to the world by being a lunatic on the sidelines.

Great leaders make people feel like everything is going to be okay.

Great leaders prove they are passionate over time and they don’t use the volume of their voice or hyperactivity to prove they are passionate. 

Great leaders celebrate and encourage failures of innovation and aggressiveness. 

I want to be someone who merely by my presence makes people think “everything is going to be okay”


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