For Young Life Staff

“How is Young Life going?”

“Good. Good. Really good. A lot of kids are coming”

What a wasted opportunity.

You didn’t say anything!

The most important thing you will do to get people on board with what you are doing is answer this question well.

Stop wasting your time with perfectly formatted Microsoft Publisher newsletters that will likely never be read by anyone except your most devoted fans anyway.

Start answering this question with a story

A story that is;




Aware of the audience and setting


The other day I counted how many times I was asked some form of this question. 13 times.

You may not have ever recognized how often you are asked the question because you hear it as being the same thing as the obligatory “How are you doing?” greeting. That may be the intention of the asker– but you are missing an opportunity if you don’t answer it differently.

Role play the question. Really how will you answer that question when you run into someone at Panera today?

“Carry a story in your back pocket” Not literally— but have a story that is recent and be prepared to share it at every opportunity.

If you are not being asked than you need to start putting yourself in settings where adults will ask you, “How is Young Life going?”

I am convinced that if the following 5 steps are being met that you will have adult support in your community. If you are lacking support I am convinced that one of these 5 steps is NOT being met.

  •  A compelling story to tell
  • Recognition of the story
  •  Ability to tell the story
  •  People to tell the story to
  •  Consistently telling the story

Which step are you missing?

Essential Elements for Community Support





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