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Educators work with students based on learning levels. I am going to butcher these numbers but my understanding is that when a child is learning to read they should be choosing books that they can read 85%-93% of the words on a page. Anything below 85% is frustration level. They aren’t really learning anything when the book falls within frustration level because it is too difficult.  Anything above 93% is boredom level. They aren’t learning anything in this level either because it is too easy.

Our lives work on learning levels too. We try to lose 20 pounds but don’t make progress so we give up (frustration level). We try to get up an hour earlier everyday to read but fail and give up (frustration level). We have been doing the same routine of spiritual disciplines (or lack of) and get frustrated that our lives feel stagnant (boredom level).

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what life stage you are in. We will always have our learning level. If you ever think you have learned something you should be ready for something new. There is always an 85%-93%.

God works in learning levels too.

He is always calling us to one step beyond where we are now. Not 5 steps. Not to stay where we are. 

The bible says that we are all being transformed into his likeness with ever increasing glory.

We are being transformed. It is a process.

Bonus: What are you asking of people in your life? Are  you asking your kids to do things that are in their frustration level? Are you calling people you supervise to one step more or are you allowing them to be content with who they are? Do you know your Young Life kids well enough to know what their life learning level is and customize your content for them or do you just have ‘one size fits all’ conversations?

Don’t miss it the learning level concept translates to everything.

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