Stories of Hope. Stories of Sacrifice

I am constantly struck by the sacrifices people make for Young Life. People make sacrifices for other things but I am on staff with Young Life so that is what I see the most.

One volunteer Young Life leader yesterday started her day by adding the 8th seat to her minivan so that she could drive two of her Young Life kids to school….in addition to her 7 yr old, 3 yr old and 20 month old. She wants to do a devotional with her two sophomore YL girls but has a hard time finding time for it while raising her own kids and working two part time jobs. So she decided she could drive the girls to school and do a devotional while in the car. This same Young Life leader ended that day by taking her old Capernaum girl out to dinner for her 23rd birthday and then rushing home to put her own kids to bed. (Yes this story is about Annie)

Tonight I had a meeting in Chalmers. This is a very small town that I have fallen in love with. There are 487 kids at Frontier JR/SR High in 7th-12th grade. One of the families that is helping to start Young Life there decided unbeknownst to me to have a garage sale and give the proceeds to Young Life. Their elementary school aged kids didn’t understand why they couldn’t keep the money for themselves so their parents explained that kids at the high school need to know about the full life that Christ offers them. The kids then doubled their efforts. Amazing.

It is such an honor to have a front row seat to this.

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