Choose Joy

ImageSome days it seems that simple. Just choose joy. Many days it doesn’t seem like it is my choice.

I believe that most of the time we find what we are looking for. This is an important concept that translates to almost everything we do. I will write more about that later. If we believe someone is funny we find what they say to be funny whether it really was or not. If we believe someone is good at what they do we look for the things they do well and we find them etc.

But I also think if we set out to find God at work we will find it. The scriptures call it ‘fixing our eyes on Jesus.’ We can find glimpses of the Kingdom of God here and now when that is what we are looking for. There is no shortage of brokenness so we can find that too if we want to. But if you look for it you can find redemption and reconciliation. If you fix your eyes on it you can find joy and peace. There are people all around you who are joining with God’s plan for restoration and we are offered a front row seat- or better yet we are invited to participate. I want to be someone who participates rather than fixing my eyes on the brokenness.

This is not a call to ignore brokenness or injustice. Please don’t pretend like it doesn’t exist. Join in God’s plan of restoration. I believe part of that plan is for us to choose joy.

We had dinner with some friends tonight. Frankly their life is much more challenging than ours. Single mom, three kids, financial challenges. There are plenty of stories like this out there. These friends of ours are full of joy. They smile a lot. They laugh a lot. They sing and dance. I am sure they cry. I am sure at times they feel like life isn’t fair– and it isn’t– but it seems like joy is there for the choosing.

One of my friends recently said that what he needs from the group we are in together is for people to help point him to good, to beauty, to joy because he knows it is there but he forgets to look for it. Let’s point each other to beauty. 

Sarah Wright does this as well as anyone I know in her blog. She is another hero of mine. You can find joy by following her blog at

Life is complicated but I am convinced we have more control over joy than we give ourselves credit for.

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