You are worth it

One of the messages that Young Life leaders communicate to kids is that they are worth it. They don’t ever hear us say it but our lives say it in a variety of ways.

You are worth going to your game straight from work.

You are worth staying up all night preparing a talk.

You are worth facing rejection and embarrassment.

You are worth taking my one week of vacation all year to take you to camp.

You are worth my time. You are worth more than my comfort.

You are worth diving into the messiness of your life even though my own life has enough mess of its own.

I had a friend who had a hard day. She is on Young Life staff. We have to remind ourselves sometimes that kids and the Gospel are worth it. For YL staff sometimes that means facing high expectations, it means people not really understanding what it is like. I love and appreciate that in the midst of that my friend can remind herself that kids are worth it. They are worth staying up all night to prepare a financial report, and worth people questioning you. Kids will never know that that is part of what we do and I love that they don’t.

I want to be someone whose life communicates that you are worth all of that to me.

Not only is this the message of Young Life leaders this is the message of Christ. You are worth stopping for to listen to your whole story, you are worth the shame, you are worth touching your leprosy when no one else would. Ultimately Jesus says you are worth everything. You are worth dying for.

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