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Return on Investment

When I was growing up I taped this quote above my bed so I would see it everyday when I woke up in hopes that it would motivate me to work hard that day: When I was first on Young Life staff and was riddled with anxiety about my ‘success’ as a staff person I […]

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Sincerity is always the right answer

I have never been hurt or offended by sincerity. I always appreciate when someone says something genuine to me. I have never regretted saying something heartfelt. Fear gets in the way of us speaking sincerely more often. It gets in the way of us telling people what they mean to us and what we appreciate […]

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Creating a Culture

Everyone takes their shot at this at some point: Leadership is creating a culture that most fully allows people to live into their potential.  Most people consume culture. When they don’t like the culture of their team they complain about it. Leaders create the kind of culture they want to be a part of. Don’t […]

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Stories of Hope. Stories of Sacrifice

I am constantly struck by the sacrifices people make for Young Life. People make sacrifices for other things but I am on staff with Young Life so that is what I see the most. One volunteer Young Life leader yesterday started her day by adding the 8th seat to her minivan so that she could […]

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Doing right things.

Against all odds Butler Basketball made the NCAA finals in 2010 and came within inches of a national title. A couple of players graduated and one left early for the NBA. The next year they were struggling in conference play, barely above five hundred. They lost a mid week game in February to Youngstown State, […]

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Talking about things that matter

Young Life used to be the most entertaining thing in town. There was literally nothing you could do that could entertain you more than a Young Life club. I don’t think this is true anymore. Kids have access to all the entertainment they could handle.  We can’t compete with the world’s ability to entertain kids […]

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Choose Joy

Some days it seems that simple. Just choose joy. Many days it doesn’t seem like it is my choice. I believe that most of the time we find what we are looking for. This is an important concept that translates to almost everything we do. I will write more about that later. If we believe […]

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